Finding the best building builder available is just as crucial in your search for the best property
in the city as keeping an eye on the actual property. Congratulations on making the smart choice
to find Chennai’s top builders; you deserve it! Most likely, you will soon make the biggest real
estate purchase of your life. Whatever your reason, this quick list of the twenty best and most
reputable builders in Chennai will lend you a helping hand.
The best way to build your dream home in accordance with your preferences and aesthetics is
with a builder. Are you Searching for the best builders in Chennai? The list of top builders in
Chennai is provided here for you to choose from. Keep in mind that these businesses are the
best if you require a reputable builder and developer.
List of Top Construction Companies in Chennai

  1. Emmanuel Builders, Pozhlichalur, Chennai
    ● Emmanuel Builders is the best builder in Chennai, South India. Over 6000 delighted
    customers, over one thousand acres of developed property, and over ten years of
    experience. They are distributed around Chennai.
    ● Dedication to finding you the appropriate plot in the best location, size, and pricing. You
    can get assistance from one of Chennai’s most reputable building contractors, Emmanuel
    ● Building Construction, Building Estimation, Building Layout, Building Plan, Home
    Renovation, and 2D & 3D are some of the services we offer. Independent Duplex Homes,
    Luxury Villas, Interior Design, and Fabrication Works are some of our works.
    ● A home is much more than just a structure made of brick, mortar, and concrete; it is the
    embodiment of feelings, love, care, memories, and cherished dreams.
    ● Emmanuel Builders differs from other people in that he understands and reflects on this
    difference. We simply don’t construct homes and offices.
    ● With the attention and dedication of a true artist, “We Love to Construct Them.” We
    bring clear titles, great locations, flawless construction, strict adherence to laws and
    regulations, consideration for client needs, and more to the table.
  2. G Square
    ● G Square is the top developer of homes in South India. 6000+ satisfied customers, 1000+
    acres of developed land, and 10+ years of experience.
    ● The dedication to finding you the ideal plot in the ideal setting, size, and price 100%
    transparent transactions and documentation
    ● They are dispersed throughout Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Trichy,
    Hosur, Mysore, and Ballari.
  3. Prestige Group
    ● One of the top builders and promoters is Prestige Group, which began in Chennai.
    ● The business has grown to include major South Indian cities like Chennai, Hyderabad,
    Kochi, Mysore, Mangalore, and Goa.
    ● The Prestige Group has established a reputation for innovation today.
    ● By offering many acres of land for real estate investment, the company has created
    numerous iconic developments and brought many firsts to South India.
  4. Appaswamy Real Estate
    ● Since its founding in 1959, Appaswamy Real Estate has been steadily expanding its
    market throughout the city’s various districts.
    ● The company is credited with being a pioneer in establishing apartment culture in the
    area where they introduced elegant construction for these homes.
    ● The company has always sought to incorporate excellence, modernity, and quality into
    each of its properties.
    ● Appaswamy strives to build solid trust and confidence with every construction they
    undertake while also upholding their professional standards and work ethics.
    ● They are also involved in the hospitality industry in places like Karur, Coimbatore, and
  5. Godrej Properties
    ● The Godrej Group is considered to be India’s second-most trustworthy brand when it
    comes to real estate development.
    ● The real estate sector is enhanced by Godrej Properties’ innovation, sustainability, and
    real estate. It has offices in Chandigarh, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Delhi,
    Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Nagpur, NCR, and Pune.
    ● The Godrej Group is one of India’s most popular and well-respected conglomerates,
    with an estimated 1.1 billion customers using one or more Godrej products on a daily
    basis across the globe.
  6. Embassy Group
    ● Embassy Group is one of the top group companies in real estate.
    ● The brand was established in 1993 and is involved in commercial, residential, and retail
    developments both domestically and abroad. They also have a presence in Serbia and
    ● Over a thousand acres of land have been built up throughout the Indian subcontinent,
    including schools, businesses, and other structures.
    ● Their goal is to improve tenant relations and increase the portfolio of IT space globally,
    with a strong emphasis on expanding their business verticals.
  7. Casagrand Builder Pvt Ltd
    ● Casagrand Builder Pvt Ltd, one of the top real estate companies in the city, has been
    operating in the field for more than 17 years.
    ● They have successfully completed projects for over 27,000 content families who now
    reside in more than 140 iconic buildings.
    ● A staggering 36 million square feet have been developed by the brand overall! There is
    more to make you feel as astounded as we already know you are!
    ● With captivating online and offline marketing strategies, the brand has gained the trust
    of its consumers, and the caliber of its construction is on par.
  8. Brigade Group
    ● One of India’s top real estate developers and builders is Brigade Group. They are skilled
    at creating satisfying customer experiences by earning their trust when building custom
    homes in Chennai.
    ● Brigade Group guarantees that their top-notch facilities and best-in-class designs will
    satisfy buyers and sellers by including their names on the list of builders in Chennai.
  9. Olympia Group
    ● In Chennai, the Olympia Group is one of the best builders in Chennai, South India.
    ● They are regarded as the best apartment builders in Chennai and home builders in
    Chennai because they are created with the highest quality, detailing, exceptional design,
    and craftsmanship.
    ● The Olympia Group is a prominent player in the Chennai, Kolkata, and Bangalore real
    estate markets.
  10. Radiance Realty Developers India Ltd
    ● The company known as Radiance Realty Developers India Ltd. is an absolute success
    with the pride of having delivered more than 4 million square feet in total.
    ● Their developments include modern amenities and opulent lifestyles that will astound
    ● They have successfully catered to more than 5000 satisfied customers over the course of
    these years in 40 different properties.
    ● Their passionate goal is to maintain a low budget so that they can fulfill the aspirations
    of both the wealthy and the rapidly expanding middle class.
    As soon as you choose a developer from this list, you will have a complete list of all 10 property
    developers in Chennai, making it easy for you to move forward with your property selection. If
    you’re looking for a home in any of these areas, Emmanuel Builders can provide you with a
    comprehensive list and make it simple for you to access information about each property’s
    features, amenities, and location.

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