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Building Cost in 2023

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Cost of building a home on your own in the area of Chennai in 2023

Building home 2023

Everyone desires to build their dream home. Everyone want a house where they may create
cherished memories. But when people want to make their idea a reality, it gets more
expensive to do so. This is due to the fact that building a house today is an expensive
Nearly all prospective homebuyers in Kundrathur, Pallavaram, Pammal, Anakaputur and
Pozhlichalur near Chennai Airport have difficulty locating market-available apartments.
Frequently, the offered alternative does not conform to the homebuyer’s preferred
dimensions, floor layout, and specs. Therefore, building your own home appears to be a
viable option. According to data from the Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority
(CMDA), the number of planning licenses for single-family dwellings is consistently
Especially for middle-class families, building a house is comparable to investing one’s entire
lifetime income. Therefore, many individuals view it as a substantial investment in their
future. This is the primary reason why they want to save as much money as possible to
maximise the return on their investment. Numerous individuals take out loans; therefore, it
is essential to use the funds wisely in order to maximize the benefits.
Constantly, individuals seek to cut construction expenses. It is not difficult to build a house
in Chennai for a reasonable price if you act intelligently and follow the advice provided.

Cost of construction materials

Throughout the years, there have been numerous shifts in the construction materials used.
You are suggested to study the most recent pricing information for budget-contributing
fundamental building components, which are primarily:
● Cement
● Brick Sand and Jallik
● Colour
● Plywood
● Steel
● Wood
● Pipe
● Tiles
● Electrical
● Line pipe
● Sanitary ware
The construction cost for ultra-luxury mansions in Chennai will range from 3500/sq ft to
5000/sq ft. This comes out to Rs 35 lakhfor a regular house and Rs 70 lakh for a
super-luxurious hom

How can we lower the cost of building in Chennai?

1. Don’t make changes once the building has begun.
● People sometimes agree to a plan before it is built, but then change their minds
during construction.
● This is one of the biggest problems, which adds to the cost of building.

2. Material finishing cost savings.
● Cost increases are not caused by construction materials alone, but rather by finishing
● The interior flooring material, doors and windows, and woodwork account for a
significant portion of the finishing costs.
● Prior preparation of structural designs for the house is required.
● Many people disregard it and are unaware of the building’s structural plans.
● They simply considered the building’s architectural drawings. However, structural
drawing is concerned with foundation plan details, plan preparation details, column
and beam plan details, and other structural construction components.
● It is useful to avoid overspending in the future.

3. Selection of Plot
● The process starts with deciding where to construct the structure. Always choose a
roadside plot with access to transport and communication to every needed hub, since
this will cut your transportation costs for life.

4. Substitute fly ash for red bricks
● If you want to save money, use fly ash bricks over red bricks or other types of bricks.
● Fly ash bricks are less expensive than red bricks but have comparable strength for
construction purposes.
● This can lower building costs by a considerable amount. By implementing these
suggestions, you can drastically lower the cost of building a house.

5. Purchase building materials from regional suppliers
● Attempt to get construction materials from local suppliers, as this will save your
shipping costs, as construction materials are expensive.

6. Reduction in Equipment Cost
● Construction equipment is always rented, and their rental rates are extremely
● So that construction expenses can be reduced, it is necessary to maximize the use of
construction equipment in a strategic manner.
● By utilizing this strategy, the entire cost of building can be reduced.

7. Saving in flooring
● There are both expensive and cheap ways to do flooring.
● The cost of tiles may differ widely. You can choose any of them based on how much
money you have.
● Cement flooring is also a great choice for one of the best low-cost and long-lasting
flooring options.

8. Choosing the appropriate housing size
● The size of the home also contributes to the increase in construction costs.
● Increasing the size of a home increases its surface area and, thus, its building costs.
● Try to design a house so that it has a smaller footprint and costs less.

9. Reduce the number of walls
● Reduce the number of walls to create greater space in the home.
● This ultimately decreases the surface area and the price.
● This permits natural light to enter the home and minimizes the amount of money
spent on power

Construct a Stronger House at a Lower Price

● People sometimes conflate low-cost housing with low-quality homes and few
● However, low-cost housing is all about minimizing the expenses of house
construction without sacrificing quality or amenities.
● By following these techniques to cut construction costs and build an affordable home,
you may save a significant amount of money and develop a steady home!
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